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1.05 Full Patch Notes Unveiled And More NBA 2K17 Update

At present, thanks to developer 2K Games, the patch 1.05 have been revealed and NBA 2K17 is aviable on all platforms. Firstly of all, many of players deemed that it’s an update, what’s more, and massive fixes and improvements will be brought. It’s worth mentioning that specifically target the allow players to utilize so as to get more VCs. Nontheless, the upgoing update is more than just bug fixing as well as stuff. Players can make use of official platforms to get cheap NBA 2K17.


According to Forbes, the NBA 2K17 patch 1.05 is meant to heavily impact the game’s various modes of play. Aside from that, the so-called HDR support feature will also be enabled specifically on Sony’s PlayStation 4. Moreover, players can expect both 60 fps and 4K resolution — a dream come true really — on the next gen console PS4 Pro.

The full patch notes of the aforementioned NBA 2K17 update was revealed via the game’s official Facebook page. Nevertheless, there are some worthy ones so interesting to note here. First off, the floor court of the Cleveland Cavaliers have been given a tweak so as to match the team’s current design for the season. Players also now have the ability to toggle on and off the “Zoon in Paint” camera (something that they usually use when the default broadcast cam is utilized). What’s more, players have chance to acquire NBA 2K17 MT PC via visit PC sites.

As for the NBA 2K17 gameplay, there are lots of things being added as well. For instance, players now won’t be able to prolong any MyTeam Blacktop games whenever they commit reach-in fouls. The frequency of the “ticky tack” shooting fouls (either on layups or jump shots) have been significantly reduced. Meanwhile, the studio has brought improvements to players catching more short passes.

Some features also have received a number of fixes such as MyPark/2K PRO-AM, first of all, that hang which usually occurs to players whenever they hop from MyPark to another has been fixed. Suppose that players were having a hard time using their custom jump shot styles, however, now, this won’t be a burden. Above mentioned patch did the trick, for more NBA 2K17 or NBA 2K17 patch 1.05, you can head over to some official sites:

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