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Best Dunk And Layup Animations For NBA 2K17

With NBA 2K17 is already launched for a while now, hence, you’ve might be collected enough VC to start buying some sweet animations. as usual, real best animation package didn’t appeared, you can decide which ones mesh with your preferred playing style, if you have a feeling of comfortable and what fits your MyPlayer best. Regardless though, there are some suggestion for you.



For dunks, it really depends on what you’re going for. If style is your number one priority, you can’t go wrong with the package of two-time dunk contest champion Zach Lavine. His arsenal includes all sorts of windmills, cradles, and clutches, so there will be no shortage of eye-popping dunks. Some users on Reddit have also suggested Russell Westbrook or Clyde Drexler if you want to reduce the chances of being blocked.

For Big Men, you can’t go wrong with Shaquille O’Neal’s pack. There’s no better array of standing dunks, in our opinion. For more athletic, slashing forwards, you could old-school with Shawn “Reign Man” Kemp’s dunk package. If you want to keep it current, try out Blake Griffin.

Steph Curry’s repertoire of layups and floaters is an obvious favorite among guards that like to attack the basket. His quick release coupled with the high arc he puts on his shots makes them tough to block. You’ll need to master this technique and a high layup rating in order to get the most out of this pack. Other good choices include the packs of Tony Parker, Kyrie Irving, John Wall, and Jamal Crawford.

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