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Dennis Schr First Screenshoot In NBA 2K17

Untill now, 2K Sports have posted some NBA 2K players ratings and more screenshots, the annual process of releasing screenshots of NBA players to the players themselves, the part of is looks more like Dennis Schr as well as der.


Schr?der tweeted a screenshot of himself in the new game, which is set to be released in late September. Other player screenshots that have been released for the upcoming game include Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Schr?der attended the annual Gamescom fair in Germany this week and spoke with 2K Sports. He was on the cover of NBA 2K16 in Germany.

2K17 launches quite soon–it’s out on September 20, though you can get your hands on it early by preordering. There’s also a standalone app launching tomorrow, September 9, that lets you get ready for the full game’s MyCareer mode. Thankfully,NBA 2K17 game already playable only you pre-order it in advance.

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