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Latest NBA 2K17 News: How To Deal With Meter Issue

This year, among the latest game, NBA 2K17 is a much-anticipated simulation basketball game, as a the titular basketball simulation video game, it reach a whole new level and make many fans have a feeling of excited. Furthermore, there have a number of never before seen features appeared in NBA 2K17, However, despite of its popularity, it still suffers from bugs as well as issues, It can named for Shot Meter Glitch is one of those. Luckily, thanks to an upcoming update, this will be fixed.


It’s no secret that most NBA 2K17 players are suffering from the aforementioned issue, which, until now, has yet to be resolved. Nevertheless, based on the recent tweets from Mike Wang — a 2K Gameplay Director — a solution is on its way.

In fact, as reported by U4NBA.COM, Wang is ready to offer a partial solution to the NBA 2K17 community. He mentioned about his plans to “try something,” though it won’t really fix the glitch entirely. However, he assured the fans that it should help them until the next update arrives.

Based on the recent changes in NBA 2K17, it’s believed that the solution Wang will offer should happen on the server-side of things. So, in a sense, players can’t really expect it be working as a downloadable patch. After all, the adjustments 2K did to both badges and AI were brought using the same strategy.

It’s worth noting, though, that the forthcoming NBA 2K17 update is deemed to be large. This is primarily because the Shot Meter glitch, in particular, needs heavy fixing. The release date of the aforesaid update remains unknown, as the studio didn’t bother to make a revelation.

We above mentioned that NBA 2K17 glitch caused the shot meter to revert to almost half capacity, rather than filling it all up as normal. and please attention to detail: before jump shots are being made. Hence, if let the ball go straight to the net, it’s extremely hard for many players.

Additionally, for the scheduled NBA 2K17 update, it will not be expected anytime soon. Why? the major reason is 2K Games has yet to be done with rolling out the recent 1.03 patch. The latter has a good set of mode-specific tweaks was setted, furthermore, recently, It is already released on Xbox One.

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