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Let’s Talk About NBA 2K17 New Features

End of this month, NBA 2K17 will be available on the market, NBA 2K17 is differ from previous 2K games, especially the aspect of its new features, now, let’s summarize and analyze each of the new features coming to the franchise.

The New MyCAREER Features


New Shooting Meters

Now in 2K17, there’s supposed to be various shot-meters for various types of shots (layups, 3-pointers, mid-range jumpers, etc.) and they vary in size depending on the player’s skill levels that you’re controlling; whether it be your MyCAREER player or Steph Curry. Cheap NBA 2K17 MT for Sale, you can get into related games site to buy it.


Look, I don’t care if you’re LeBron James or Tayshaun Prince, you should not be able to play the entire game and still be able to teleport to me when I blow past you after crossing you over. It just doesn’t happen.

Thankfully, 2K heard my many screams and answered my prayers for an even more realistic game, which I will in turn respond with more screaming and frustration for some other reason, but hey, where’s the fun in not wanting to throw your controller at the T.V. before/during/after the game.

Text Messaging

Yes, ACTUAL text messaging. Not the archaic version 2K tried to get going in 2K16 for you longtime players, but actual dynamic and interactive text messaging with NBA players and execs. I for one am looking forward to seeing how that system works and not being able to respond on my Blackberry-like phone from 2K16. some games platforms such as XBOX ONE, you can click into NBA 2K17 MT XBOX ONE to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT.

Size Matters

In this year’s game, you can still create that MCW type and gain attribute bonuses in dunking and athleticism, but you won’t be as quick. A realistic video game? You betcha.

Last year, 2K tried to showcase that by bringing in Spike Lee to direct the MyCAREER storyline, but if I’m being honest (and this is just my personal take), it was way too dramatic and too serious.

“NBA 2K17” will be officially released and made available for everyone on Sept. 20. There is a pre-order promo which gives players a chance to grab the game on Sept. 16. More NBA 2K17 latest news, please stay tuned U4NBA.COM.

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