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NBA 2K17 Better Result: Finds Less Theatrics And Better Gameplay Mechanics

Fall is coming, what this means is that all the new sports video games soon to be released. This year, arguably, fans of the genre are seeking for rebound from NBA 2K and lackluster installments of Madden. Fortunately, For the latter, it’s just a matter of making changes and make it an enjoyable game.


For some big issues from last year’s version, the developers of NBA 2K17 dealed with much similar last year’s version problems. To name a few, much better dribble and crossover animations, No more drawn out opening credits, a semi-competent artificial intelligence and less repetitive commentary have all found their way into the game. This also means that less time on theatrics and more concentrate on how the game of basketball is translated into pixels.

Looking at the gameplay mechanics, things are a lot smoother this time around. Players actually are running to their positions instead of sliding and glitching into impossible places on the court. Ball physics are much more real, which should reduce turnover issues. The button layout is basically the same as the last few years, which means there isn’t too much of a learning curve for those who haven’t played in two or three years.

One of the largest complaints to last year’s game came from its MyCareer mode. It became too large of a Hollywood feature once director Spike Lee got his hands on it. There was drama, death, love and then basketball. But 2K17 is much less spectacle and more basketball. Aaron Covington, co-writer of “Creed,” wrote and directed this year’s MyCareer, which throws you straight into college then into the pros, where you meet the Scottie Pippen to your Michael Jordan — Justice Young.

Graphically, the game is at its peak. Facial structures look detailed, and tattoos look like actual shapes and letters. Thanks to the finally-working face scan feature, players can create a player that actually looks like them. The courts are just as well built as ever, and even the broadcast guys from NBA on TNT look good.

This year’s MyCareer looks at the importance of team ball as your character and Young are placed on a team together figuring out how to go from rookies to legends. To make it even better, Young is voiced by Michael B. Jordan (“Creed,” “Fruitvale Station”). As the two of you play games together, you unlock “Orange Juice,” a mode allowing you to control your player and Young. Toss yourself as many alley-oops as your heart desires.

For its core, It’s no hyperbole to say that this is the best NBA 2K installment in recent memory, It continues to serve its purpose for both competitive players and casual. If you’ve been waiting to see if the game is different enough from other installments, I can assure you it is. Go pick up the sticks and drop 40 on someone.

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