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NBA 2K17: Craig Sager & Download Special Craig Sager Jerseys

Due to the passing away of Craig Sager have been caught great attention by the sporting world, hence, one NBA 2K17 user made a decision to pay homage to the legendary sideline reporter with ” Sager Strong” uniforms as well as court design. However, some players are more are eager to buy NBA 2K17 MT PS4.


The Youtube user, who goes by the name Da InFaMous NY, has offered a downlodable file that will allow gamers to get the desired uniforms and court design. There is also the option of creating the jerseys and courts without downloading the file by following a few simple steps from the link above.

The download can also be found in the community creations section of the game. Credit to the gamer who has created a near exact replica of the “Sager Strong” tops that players had sported during warmups (prior to games) this week. Also, the back of the jerseys has the quote “Time is simply how you live your life” imprinted on them. It’s inspired from Sager’s moving and unforgettable speech during the ESPY Awards a few months before his demise. Until now many of players have been trying their best to obtain more NBA 2K17 MT PC.

The download also includes a special pair of shorts that perfectly match the jerseys. The 2K user has also created a magnificent Sager Strong-themed court which has a picture of Craig Sager at midcourt and the hashtag #SAGERSTRONG imprinted across both baselines. The court is painted in yellow, black and white, the colours that are synonymous with the #SAGERSTRONG movement.

With the reporter’s death, to that end, some athletes and a host of television hosts have been paying tribute to the late broadcaster by sporting colourful suits, Craig Sager was known anything before he died. At the same time, Steve Kerr, as a coach of the Golden State Warriors, during Craig Sager days as an analyst with TNT, he was also a colleague of Sager, before the Warriors’ home game matchup the New York Knicks, heartfelt tribute, according to Kerr. By the way, we need to do more significant thing, such as buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT.

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