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NBA 2K17 Features Introduction: New NBA 2K17 Trailer Can See Everything

NBA 2K17 will be made available on September 16th to pre-orders and the 20th for general release. Actually, some hype news are only right. More so, It would be part of their marketing strategy, however, after a new trailer was released, the most attention players are appeared in the league, what’s more, fans should be pleasure knowing there are also 4 new features expected to arrive.


Paul George, the cover athlete for this year’s title, along with the rest of 2K Team put their offseason activities aside and gathered. It’s basically a way of readying things up for the next 2K season.

NBA 2K17 is already up for pre-order. So for players who interested, they better do so. Nevertheless, the game is scheduled for a release come September 20. From there, the new season begins.

Dynamic Rule Chances In NBA 2K17

Similar to how things work in real life NBA, players will have the capability to change rules and regulations in NBA 2K17. From increasing salary caps to reducing the shot clock to how draft lotteries should done, these are all possible thanks to this new feature.

Team Rivals In NBA 2K17

With Team Rivals being part of NBA 2K17, it’s almost as if every game presents an atmosphere akin to that of a Game 7 of the league’s Finals. 2K is reportedly looking at a total of 20 different factors, all of which will help determine the rivalry levels of each single team.

Advanced Rotations In NBA 2K17

This feature here gives NBA 2K17 fans a minute-by-minute breakdown of the respective players who’ll play the game in every quarter. In the previous installments, players are designated to a particular amount of time to the game floor; however, there’s always that bench player who ends up playing at the last two minutes of the game. But this year, it’s going to have a major overhaul.

New Transactions (And Rules) In NBA 2K17

The biggest additions to the NBA 2K17 Transactions Segment are the draft pick protection and offseason trading. Draft Pick Protections refer to the limitations on the draft pick that teams trade, allowing them to only pick teams outside of a particular part the lottery. Sure enough, this is an interesting add-on to have.

NBA 2K17 is set for release Sept. 20 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For this year’s cover athlete, Paul George of the Indiana Pacers is taking the spotlight. NBA 2K17 add to more new features, the game will be more fun than you are expecting.

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