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NBA 2K17 Game Mode Idea: Ability to Play Seasons

Now as a fifa player recently coming to 2K I have noticed something about online game modes. For example, MT only has 3 online game modes that I know of, road to playoffs, the gauntlet, and play with a friend. Now heres my idea, I find that when I play road to the playoffs, I end up cycling through the same opponents multiple times, and it turns the mode into a grind and lack luster experience imo.


What I would like to see, and hopefully someone would agree, is the ability to play seasons. In fifa you play in divisions, and you need X amount of points to move to the next division, there are 10 divisions. So in 2K17, i feel like they should introduce a mode like this so we don’t feel forced to only play one mode that is online and shows valuable progression. They could have a seasons mode similar to fifa. For example you play 10 games and you need to get 15pts to move on to the next division like fifa, a win is worth X and a loss is worth nothing.

Sure this is similar to fifa, and maybe it’s just because I’m new to the game and still hold on to some things from fifa. But i would love a gamemode like this one, I just want to play online against players gaining MT and still progressing. I understand the concept of road to the playoffs, using bronze then silver then gold.etc but sometimes I just want to use a normal gold team against someone else online and not have to worry about specific lineups. Anyway this is my idea, i hope you guys like the concept of it even though it is very similar to FIFA.

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