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NBA 2K17 Guide: Badges As Well As Features List

The end up with long-time wait, ultimately, fans everywhere can’t wait to test out the newest features. currently, the newest addition features is probably not NBA 2K17 badges, whereas it has been improvised for the new game and numerous are claiming that it has new and exciting addition to the game. So as to dominate rivals, Badges are major used to develop players and teams.


Apart from the NBA 2K17 badges, fans and gamers will have the chance to use all-time college teams. This specific update is already available for download at the Xbox Marketplace and the PlayStation Store.

10 teams are included in the game

Wake Forest
Georgia Tech
Michigan State

If fans desire to download the college teams, they just simply have to type in “NBA 2K College” in the search box. Of course, NBA 2K17 is now already playable, some players are set about to buy NBA 2K17 MT so as to experience so fun gameplay.


Two types of badges exist in the game, personality and skill. The personality badge determines a player’s reaction on or off the court. While the skill badges determine what area a player is good at. There are three tiers, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The areas for improvement include outside scoring, inside scoring, athleticism, playmaking, rebounding and defense.

It’s safe to say that NBA 2K17 bronze badges are unlimited, it shows players have to make at least 30 or more long 3’s before they can obtain the badge. in case a player successfully obtains the badge and upgrades it to gold, the player would be required to make 4 times as many long 3’s to acquire the hall if fame badge in unlimited range.

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