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NBA 2K17 Locker Codes: CJ McCollum And Devin Booker

A new round of NBA 2K17 locker codes surfaced, Phoenix Suns Point Guard Devin Booker as well as Portland Trailblazers marksman CJ McCollum are the latest players, it’s worth mentioning that their moment cards codes launched, In addition, just enter the codes into your NBA 2K17 game.


If you missed out on previous code releases, here are a couple more:

NBA 2K community manager Ronnie2K has given an open invitation to any NBA player that wants to claim his locker code. If your favorite baller already has a moment card, encourage them to hit up Ronnie by mentioning them on social media. So far, only five NBA players have reached out: the four mentioned above plus Dallas Mavericks’ small forward Harrison Barnes.

Ronnie2K’s timeline shows that he already sent the latter his locker code. We’ll just have to wait until Barnes shares it with his fans on Twitter.

Over 30 moment cards have been released since the NBA season kicked off two weeks ago. If you want more free locker codes, we highly suggest you get on social media and start telling these players to get with the program. These codes are unlimited and have no expiration, so it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

If you want to stay up to date on all the latest NBA 2K17 locker codes, make sure to follow the NBA 2K My Team Twitter account. The NBA season is still young, so you can expect more moment cards to be added in the coming days. Which is your favorite player have a moment card? why not ask him for a locker code?

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