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NBA 2K17 Made A Remarkable Improvement Than NBA 2K16

MyCareer Mode of NBA 2K16 made a lot of the franchise’s sports game competitors sit up, in the past, similar things have been tried too,but only few were able to match storytelling and depth of what 2K brought to the fore. it have been given rise to apparently influence.

But here’s the thing: despite being something of a game-changer, MyCareer was seriously flawed last year. Although Spike Lee and simulated basketball may seem like a match made in heaven, the director’s touch was lacking, leading to a lot of awkward dialogue suffering from pacing problems. Scenes in 2K16 that could have been wrapped up in two minutes often lurched past the five minute mark, testing the patience of the player who, funnily enough, just wanted to play.


NBA 2K17 has remedied that, and then some.

Taking the role of Pres, the country’s hottest prospect, as he makes his way through college basketball and then through the
Draft, 2K17’s MyCareer mode doesn’t ask the player to sit and wait for a director to cut to a line – it throws you into things
head first. Scenes zip by with the exchanges between characters having far more chemistry and flow than previously without ever dragging.

The interactions seem natural and the protagonist is far more likable than 2K16’s Freq, whose voice actor often sounded laconic
and not entirely there. The small things, from the way your rivals and teammates carry themselves to the envious glances of Michael B. Jordan’s Justice Young, do a lot to tell a story without forcing you to sit and listen for long stretches at a time.

The other small additions for NBA 2K17’s MyCareer all add up to make a big difference in the overall package. Being able to reply to texts with emojis (as pointless as that may sound) when you think your high school coach may be porking your mother, summoning your friend called Denver who also got drafted to Denver Nuggets with you to play some ball, and the simple feeling that what you do actually makes a difference, have all impressed me to no end so far.

Judging from what I’ve seen so far, it looks like every other sports game and they try to catch up with what they’re doing next
year, it will be even further behind NBA 2K17, in case 2K16’s MyCareer was a proof of concept, while 2K17 is just the finished

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