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NBA 2K17 MyCareer Mode Early Play: MyPlayer Creation, NEW Badges, Playstyles, and Attributes Caps

As we all know that NBA 2K17 “The Prelude” will be available 11 days early, which allows anyone on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One to play the introduction of NBA 2K17 MyCareer. Today, we would glad to introduce the details of NBA 2K17 My Career Mode, in “The Prelude”, the new features is the playstyles where you select from a template i.e. James Harden Offensive superstar build or a Klay Thompson 2-way superstar build, also there will be a different attribute cap format depending on what type of player you are. Example: if you are a Slasher SG then you will excel at driving to the basket and being a blur on the court, however, your shooting will not be nearly as good as a sharpshooter type SG and vice versa. Body type will also come into play this time around.

The first thing you enter into MyCareer you need pick your position and create a player. There are five traditional positions, which, of course, are Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, and Center.


Now, let’s move into the NBA 2K17 MyCareer Playstyles. There are six of the many that will be available, Slasher, Shot Creator, Sharpshooter, Point Forward, Lockdown Defender, and Glass Cleaner. Each of the six NBA 2K17 playstyles has at least one attribute group which can be maxed out, but no more than two, meaning it won’t be possible to max out one’s MyPlayer. For example, a Sharpshooter can only max out his “Mid-Range Shooting” and “3PT Shooting,” while other attribute groups will be average at best.


Below the playstyles, there are ten attribute groups that we will be able to upgrade, which are “Shooting off Dribble,” “Layups and Dunks,” “Mid-Range Shooting,” “3PT Shooting,” “Post Scoring,” “Agility,” “Strength,” “Rebounding,” “Playmaking,” and “Defending.”These attribute groups also have a starting level and a cap level, which differ depending on one’s playstyle.

isted below are “Upgradable Badges,” five of which come with each archetype, that you can start MyPlayer journey with a couple of predetermined badges. A “Sharpshooter” has Deep Range Deadeye, Limitless Range, Catch & Shoot, Corner Specialist, and Mid-Range Deadeye to start.


Also, in NBA 2K17, 2K has added importance to a MyPlayer’s physicals, which are height,weight,wingspan, shoulder length, and hand size.

My league modes

Same to NBA 2K16, in the new season, we will have the opportunity to play in college again. There are some college missing from last year, but we also have some new ones. In NBA 2K16 users had the chance to pick between Kansas, Georgetown, Arizona, Louisville, UCLA, Connecticut, Texas, Michigan, Villanova & Wisconsin. Kansas, Georgetown, Arizona, Louisville, and Connecticut make a return, but making their 2K introduction are Illinois, Oklahoma, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, and Wake Forest.

More NBA 2K17 News we will share with you in! NBA 2K17 MyCareer will be downloadable on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on Sep.9th,2016,a week before the game’s pre-order launch date of September 16th, 2016. If you need professional NBA 2K17 MT Coins offer, we are the best choice!

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