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NBA 2K17 & NBA 2KVR Experience’ Release Date, News & Update

Rumors had it that with regard to Top sports game “NBA 2KVR Experience has been revealed for a while, Nonetheless, it’s no longer a fuss with developer 2K releasing the virtual reality version today. Note that, Do not be confused, actually, “NBA 2KVR Experience” isn’t a full game release but a non-match mini-game.


To clear things for “NBA 2KVR Experience,” the whole gameplay centers at Indiana Pacers court with 2K17 cover Paul George giving a tour. Then he will provide some basketball clinics bent on improving fundamental basketball skills. There will be in-game commentaries as well to further escalate the experience, GameSpot reported.

What we know so far is that “NBA 2KVR Experience” will hone the players’ clutch plays by beating the clock with a shootout. This is going to be under the paint and behind the arc as well. Meaning, there will be an “NBA 2KVR Experience” three-point shootout to complete the accuracy and speed skill, UploadVR said.

Thinking of splash brothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson? Then there will be a gradual increase in shots difficulty by adding up the distance. “NBA 2KVR Experience” will start with probably under the basket plays to 10-foot jumpers and ridiculous mid-court suicide shots. Sounds like near impossible feat in real-life, eh? Don’t worry because there will be boosts like in-game Gatorade to freshen you up in times of low energy.

Now to spoil a bit about game controls, it appears that motion controllers will not do any good in “NBA 2KVR Experience.” Aiming and shooting at the hoops can be done through simple gaze from the distance. So, be relieved from that deep sigh thinking that you actually have to mimic throwing the ball.

You need to know another a good news, almost all top-tier VR headsets are in line with “NBA 2KVR Experience.” to name a few, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, all of them can carry this newest sports VR in town.

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