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NBA 2K17 News: PS4 Bundle With Free $75 Gift Card

At present, this fall, all the media focused on the PS4 Slim and upcoming PS4 pro,hence, in eariler this year, it’s time to sell off those old PlayStation 4 bundles.

Mere a month ago, you would be very difficult to find one the $350 list price, but now the value of the bundle is around $300. It appears Dell has plenty of units in stock because it is now giving out huge bonuses to move units.


Today Dell is selling the PlayStation 4 Black Ops III Bundle with a free copy of Tuesday’s NBA 2K17 and a $75 Gift Card. NBA 2K17 being a brand new release is a $60 purchase everywhere, so the combined bonuses add up to $135. Pretty hot deal.

There’s also a way to snag free two-day shipping. At checkout, sign up for Dell Advantage Rewards by hitting the “Get Rewards” icon in the first stage of checkout. You’ll just need to provide an email address and then, at the second step of checkout, you’ll get the option for free two-business-day shipping.

Actually, Dell provided the Gift Card is not a physical card, after your order ships and is good for basically everything sold at Dell, it arrives via email 10-20 days. Meanwhile, You can use it to pick up an extra game or pick up more PlayStation 4-related accessories.

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