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NBA 2K17 Patch Download: Update 1.03 And A 7.1-GB Patch

Many fans from all over the world are staring at NBA 2K17 Gameplay, News has been spreading about the new 1.03 patch of the hit basketball game. As noted by related reported, it will deal with all the experienced mistakes of the initial release, the major aim to make the game more playable and fun as well as exciting to play.


According to U4NBA.COM, the former error on the Grand Bradge is fixed and the update will feature a new park in its MyPark mode.

Also, as cited in Playstation Lifestyle, issues with colors on the team Knicks and Bucks were also addressed. In addition to that, few of the gamers who made a pre-order of NBA 2k17 already received the 1992 Dream Team. Buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT, play the immersive NBA 2K17 gameplay.

With the update being created, players across the world gave their sentiments about it. Many believed that 2K Games, the creator of NBA 2K17, missed out on some of the errors on its fly menus, accessories, and customization fixes.

The site also continued to enumerate certain flaws for the update. Substitution errors in the MyLeague online mode, skipping the cut scenes in the MyCareer mode, and permanent boosts in MyCareer practice were expected by the players but failed to see it in the update.

At present, 2K Games hasn’t posted any patch notes with respect to the new update, another reported also point out that the size of the upgrade is 7.1GB, cover the bug fixes is enough.

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