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NBA 2K17 & Rookie: Badges Players Want To See In NBA 2K18

The moves of Joel Embiid inside the court, it have been closed noticed by NBA 2K17. What’s more, Game lover deem more badges should be added to NBA 2K18. When it comes to Joel Embiid, On October and November, he have already being the Rookie of the Month for games played, was seen stepping over Allen Iverson, as the fifth greatest NBA shooting guard of all time, who was rated by ESPN.


The leading contender for Rookie of the Year is not only known for his outside shooting and rim protection, but also for some trash talking moves. The 7-foot-2 NBA player was reported taunting Richard Jefferson when he drew a foul after finishing a layup. Embiid seems not shy at all to have some words for the veteran small forward of Cleveland Cavaliers.

His demeanor in court is what the players are seeing now in the NBA 2K17. The Visual Concepts game is among the top 20 games on Steam and its success may put off potential competitors. However, some basketball buffs still think there are more badges that need to be added to the next series.

The triple-doubler badge would give players an additional five per cent boost in their attributes. These boosts do not last long as they are achieved only in the last quarter of the game. The screen runner badge can enhance the shooting attributes of a player who does not have the ball. Players whose primary role is an offensive run can earn the badge in MyPlayer.

The hustle man badges saves a loose ball as well as gives the entire team a boost. When a player dives on the floor, needless to say, in order to keep the ball from going out of bounds for five times. Followed by, he can get a badges successfully. With the help of its credible characters as well as gameplay, NBA 2K17 is one of the most popular RPG that takes players from college basketball to stardom and Hall of Fame.

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