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NBA 2K17: Sager Strong Uniforms Was Created

unfortunately, for NBA games, Craig Sager will be never appeared, after battling leukemia for a number of years, the most colorful man in the arena passed away this week. Regarding Sager as well as his distinct style since his death, an entire league has mourned. In addition to this, before the Warriors took on the New York Knicks in Oracle Arena, Steve Kerr even called for a “moment of joy” to celebrate as well as former colleague.


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The love isn’t stopping with the players on the court and the broadcasters in the booth, as fans have started their own tributes to the fashionable sideline reporter. YouTuber Da InFaMous NY is honoring Sager’s legacy by creating custom “Sager Strong” uniforms and courts for NBA 2K17. His designs resemble the “Sager Strong” shirts that teams have been wearing as a tribute to the longtime broadcaster this week.

Now fans playing at home can honor the legend by donning his signature style on the court. Da InFaMous NY has posted a tutorial of how to create the uniforms on YouTube, so you can go online and represent. The SagerStrong Foundation is selling the shirts in an effort to raise money to help fund cancer research. There is a lot of color going on, but it’s for one of the best causes imaginable.

Craig Sager will be never forgeted by us, more importantly, he made a great contributions to the nightly telecasts of the NBA. Unluckily, between a gator shoe as well as an ostrich one during a broadcast, we’ll miss hearing the fine distinctions.

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