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NBA 2K17 Tips: How To Avoid In-Game Community Violations, Glitches & Tricks

For any pretty much every game, for 2K Sports, when it comes to policies, it has a firm stand as well as so with the cheating bunch. Note that, here are some steps on how to get banned from the game, in addition to this, some remedies on how to remove them.


More often than not, players are always crafty when it comes to finding loopholes and glitches on a certain game. “NBA 2K17” is no exception to this rule. However, things get pretty widespread so quick that 2K Sports learn of these things as fast.

There is an increasing number of players that are getting banned by the minute and some of them started ranting about the incident over YouTube just recently similar to the one shown below. There are some tips to take into account in order not to get banned though. One of the best and failproof means of avoiding the ban hammer is to avoid using third party tools in increasing the odds of winning whichever thing from the online modes for “NBA 2K17.”

This means not using tools like trainers, modifiers or any cheating software and app, especially the PC version of “NBA 2K17” as these are the easiest to detect. In-game cheats are perfectly fine to be taken advantage of as they were placed there intentionally. Using third party tools is an entirely different story.

Some glitches involve players creating numerous characters on MyPlayer to get the free 500 VC. While this may seem harmless, 2K Sports may also detect and view this as cheating. These things are fine to be used for about two to three times, but keeping doing them on the nth time will surely get the admin’s attentions real fast.

There are some ways to lift the ban though and this even include some permanent bans. Contacting the customer support is the first thing that should come into mind when it comes to such scenarios and more often than not, this also solves the problem.

How to addressed the issue? by creating a new account, which is one way of dealing with the problem. Due to it pushes players into starting over, moreover, which is most of the time, even if this isn’t the best solution. At the same time, not an enjoyable experience.

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