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NBA 2K17 Tips: How To Better Shoot Two Or Three Pointers

For the latest simulation video basketball gameplay, it’s probably as simple as putting the ball into the hoop. Nevertheless, doing so isn’t as simple and easy as counting one to three. And on top of that, more making as many shots is likely to the best way, regardless of be it a two or three pointer, Well, don’t anxious about it, here’s a guide that’ll help you do just that.


Select The Suitable NBA 2K17 Shooting Form

In NBA 2K17, it really pays to have a shot form that suits well. And sure enough, there are lots of them to choose from within the game. Players just need to go with the one that is best appropriate for them. For instance, they can go with a Stephen Curry shooting form. Or perhaps, go with the Black Mamba Kobe Bryan. The choices are really plenty.

NBA 2K17 Perfect Shot Release

Just below the NBA 2K17 player, a white line on the shot meter can be observed. The closer players are in the basket, the better are the chances of shooting ball into it obviously. While it holds true that the shot meter can be a helpful tool, it isn’t that accurate most of the time. Hence, as much as possible, it’s better to look at the way the character jumps and puts the ball. So, at the end of the day, it’s best to find the best form that’ll suit to a player’s liking.

Consider The NBA 2K17 Player Stats

At the start of the NBA 2K17 MyCareer, fans get to choose their preferred stats for two pointers, lay-ups and free throws, among others. If they’re going for a three pointer type player, then they better up that stats. It’s basically about leveling up the stats that goes with their characters. From there, the chances of getting the ball to the hoop for either a two or three pointer is high.

Learn To Double Move In NBA 2K17

Just like in the real-life league, NBA 2K17 players also benefit from a wide space. This allows them to have enough room to get the ball into the basket without being contested. Moreover, it gives them a higher percentage in terms of a successful shot. This is where double moves became an important element to learn. Just simply let the character do some dribbling tactics or ankle breaker moves, so as to make the opponent confused. The moment it’s successful, players will get to see the line “Double Move Leading To Score.”

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