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NBA 2K17 Tricks And Tips: Set Up An Epic MyPlayer On A Budget

when it comes to NBA 2K17, in case set up a stud MyPlayer based on the quickest way, it would be spend 100 or so dollars to upgrade attributes and dunk packages.

We already know for a fact that not everyone is made enough prepared, and willing and can spend so much real money on improve the performance of a fictional character. Suppose that you are seeking for a more cost-efficient way to build your star, there are a short list of best practices.


Crank Up the Minutes and Difficulty

The higher the difficulty setting in MyCareer, the more VC you’ll earn. You’ll have a contract that pays you a set salary of VC, but the higher difficulty settings serve as multipliers.

For example, the Superstar difficulty setting (which is the standard level for competitive gameplay in esports events) will give you a 1.25x multiplier. You may be averaging a triple-double on pro difficulty, but you won’t be getting paid your worth.


Set an Upgrade Schedule

At some point, someone told you not to spend all your money in one place — or as soon as you get it. The latter rule is especially helpful when building a stud MyPlayer.

Resist the urge to spend VC to improve your player after every training, practice or game. Instead, use the in-game calendar in the MyCareer mode, or set a VC max before you go shopping.

Stay True to Your Archetype

When you’re creating your MyPlayer, you’re charged with choosing a position and an archetype. Will he be a sharpshooter, a post scorer or something else?

No matter what archetype you pick, be sure to focus on its primary strengths first. If you’re an athletic finisher like my guy, Old School K.C.

Play More Than One Mode

We’re talking MyCareer, but NBA 2K games award you VC whenever you play any mode in the game. This VC can be used to upgrade your player. Even if you’re not a MyTeam, MyGM or MyLeague fan, it still pays to dabble in other modes.

Earning VC in other modes allows you to control time. In the event you don’t want to have your MyPlayer struggle with modest attribute ratings early, you can earn VC that can improve your player before he ever steps on the court.

Don’t Neglect Practice

NBA 2K17′s MyCareer journey includes several opportunities to work on your game and earn VC while participating in drills and practice events.

While it’s easy to see how some of these events can become repetitive, it’s still free money. Most of the exercises are pretty simple, thus success and the highest rewards aren’t hard to attain..

You’ll also want to turn the minutes per quarter up to at least nine. The default setting is five minutes and quite honestly, it doesn’t really give you enough time to put up the big numbers that can allow you to eclipse milestones, etc.

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