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NBA 2K17 Tricks: Without Soft Bans How To Acquire Unlimited VC

Taking over for Chris Wallace as the general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies is my goal. I will try my best to do what he hasn’t been able to, get an NBA Championship.


Team activities were controled, including free agency, drafting, training as well as game plan. I will attempt to my best effort to engineer a team that can overcome the best the NBA has to offer.

This is a video game, but the goal will be to keep it realistic. This means that some ground rules will be needed so I don’t take advantage of 2K’s sometimes unrealistic offers and trades.

I will not relocate the team at any point. Nothing will be changed that doesnt reflect how the NBA is in real life, such as raising the cap. Previously traded picks will be enforced which includes the Grizzlies 2017 first round pick which belongs to the Denver Nuggets.

Injuries and chemistry will be turned off so that no unexpected ratings drop or something such as Curry and Kevin Durant having season-ending injuries that lead to an easy title for other teams. This way, the best teams should always come out on top.

I also wanted to make some other quick notes as to how I will approach running the The goal is to win the championship so I will be going all in almost every season since a rebuild might take me the full five years and I may not even get the chance to contend.

Within the first two years, I won’t be trading Marc Gasol, Chandler Parsons or Mike Conley, since they have just signed contracts with the team, in addition, what’s more, I deem the Memphis Grizzlies will be loyal to them in real life for some time.

Unless it’s a realistic move the first two drafts are based off of real projected players, Otherwise, I won’t be taking computer trade offers into consideration. However, the finally two are using auto-generated draft classes.

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