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NBA 2K17 Update Shooting Nerf: Update Soon To Be Released In A Few Weeks

NBA 2K17 prediction: in order to reduces the game’s shooting effectiveness, NBA 2K17 is expected to get an update. However, according to 2K Sports gameplay director Mike Wang, it won’t release for a few weeks.


On Saturday, we reported Wang’s announcement that shooting adjustments were expected to be dispatched shortly after the 1.04 update. Since then, however, more details have emerged.

In a new tweet, Wang has clarified that further tweaks “most likely won’t happen for a few weeks.” Despite some players suggesting sharp shooter effectiveness had suddenly decreased, he has confirmed that “shooting hasn’t been touched for weeks.”

This confusion originates from a shot meter glitch that made itself known shortly after NBA 2K17’s launch. In response to unfairly missed buckets, Wang pushed a server-based “band-aid” to solve the problem. He recently suggested the band-aid would soon be removed to make all shots more difficult than they currently are, but no changes have been published just yet.

In addition, next patch will address remaining bugs with certain moves, and we have already been learned about it. When the problems leaked out with Jamal Crawford’s behind-the-back movement it was said that a proper fix is in the works.

Regardless of its immense popularity as well as favorable critical ratings, however, in the balance department, NBA 2K17 has somewhat struggled.

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