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NBA 2K17 Video Games Watch: Such As “Rise of Iron”, “Destiny” And More

As we all know NBA 2K17 release date gradually approaching, details release date is this week, even if most fans preordered the early Tip-Off Edition and received their copy last Friday, if you are one of those fans and you still playing Destiny, there are no doubt that you are aware of the impending release of Rise of Iron, on the contrary, if not, revisiting the game is also good option. 


Even if you’ve never played before, you’ll be able to buy the entire collection as a bundle and boost a character to level 40, so it might be worth trying. Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, which was extremely well-received when it released in Japan in February, is being released in North America and is one of a number of big 3DS releases this fall.

NBA 2K17 (Xbox One, PS4, 360, PS3, PC): 2K’s latest NBA title certainly looks to be its best offering yet. It has smoother and quicker gameplay than we’ve seen in the past 2K games, bringing an all-new level of realism to NBA video games — even more so than last year’s title. This year brings tons of new animations and impressive new dribble moves, and player likenesses are the best we’ve seen yet. NBA 2K17 is sure to please basketball fans around the globe.

Agenda is a strategy simulation game that tasks the player with controlling a worldwide independent agency who wants to dominate the world. Players will try to claim their global influence through alliances and covert operations, including assassinations, bribery, and fraud.

This years version of the game, NBA 2k17, is set to release world wide on September 20th, but if you preorder your copy, you can get it four days early on the 16th. Many fans might have become more excited that they can no longer wait for its release date to come.

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