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NBA 2K18: The 2K team captures different facial expressions

When it comes to NBA 2K18, the game doesn’t look just like an improvement, and it looks like a next-gen console jump. As we know, NBA 2K has been the gold standard for sports games for years. The 2K team captures different facial expressions, NBA 2K18 didn’t only rebuild the faces, it rebuilt the bodies, the uniforms and the accessories, visit here to preview more details screenshots.

NBA 2K18

The 2K team created a new body system that makes every player mode unique. Nike is the new global apparel partner with the NBA this year, and the 2K team used handheld laser scanners to capture a 10 million polygon mesh of the actual uniforms. 2K also did a separate scan to capture jerseys’ true colors. The 2K team made infinite body models, so of course they had to make infinite jersey shapes.

Just like the players and jerseys, over 200 shoes have been scanned. 2K even virtually scanned Steph Curry with his mouth guard in so they could render the way his lips formed around it when he chewed on it, or when it was positioned up or down in his mouth. 2K has a library of player scans it has collected over the years at very high resolutions.

Each year, the month of September gets more crowded with sports game releases, and 2017 is no exception. The game have already been launched on last month, and was highly acclaimed from players through the world, players have a great passion for buying NBA 2K MT, based on the game’s various all-new modes and features.

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