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Nintendo Switch, NBA 2K17, New Super Mario And Skyrim

Take-Two, Bethesda, Ubisoft as well as others teased their support for Nintendo’s new hybrid device, nonetheless, a list of publishing partners and the newest announcement trailer has revelaed that some of the biggest names in gaming right now will be making headway on Nintendo’s Switch.


From the trailer we can learn that a new Super Mario game, it’s on the way in a similar vein to Super Mario 64, However, just only this time, it has better graphics. Skyrim soon to be come to the Nintendo Switch, what’s more, along with NBA 2K17, we can see the scene from the Elder Scrolls V.

Nintendo Switch

We also were teased with a Nintendo Switch version of Splatoon, the Wii U exclusive that came out back in 2015. It wouldn’t be surprising if we also saw a Super Mario Maker also make its way onto the device.

The more surprising news, however, was that Nintendo has a full line-up of publishers prepped and ready to release their content on the Switch when the time comes.

Gamespot spotted an image floating around on Twitter by Nintendo that shows all of their officially licensed publishing partners for the Switch. You can check it out below.

From THQ to Codemasters to 505 Games to Arc System Works to Activision… it looks like all of the people who used to support Nintendo during the Wii era (and even some who didn’t) are coming back and attaching their name to Nintendo’s newest home console. in conclusion, most of players the need for buying NBA 2K17 MT PC.

Nintendo Switch

The game is basically the same as Mario Kart 8, featuring similar graphics and the ability to glide and utilize items and all that jazz, but the main hook is that the portable versoin of Mario Kart 8 actually allows you to play split-screen by allowing someone else to use the second detachable controller as player two. It’s some innovative stuff, even for the likes of Nintendo, who are known for pushing disruptive technologies.

According to Gamespot speculates, we can see from Capcom on the list that Resident Evil 7 on the Nintendo Switch as well. It’s extremely pleased to see Square Enix on their since it also makes likely that Final Fantasy XV could make the leap, on top of that, Dark Souls series will aslo unveiled, owing to Softmare is on there too.

In addition, From these partnerships and Nintendo technology, there’s a lot of cool things and possibilities, a lot of it will depend simply on what the system will be priced at and how many games will be made available for it consistently during the first quarter of release.

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