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Now That NBA 2K17 55 Upgraded Personality And Skill Badges Available

There are a good news for NBA 2K17 players, they will have chance to get an upgraded and improved badges guide available with the game. when these badges are smoothly unlocked, the players can attain rewards.


How to get those badges? of course, if you finished specific activities in the game, and you would get NBA 2K17 badges. There are 55 badges in total that those badges will be available for disposal broadly categorized under Personality and Skill based badges. These badges are attained in MyCareer option, Taking into condiseration some factors such as gameplay, who the players’ hang out with and the strength of regular attributes.

Personality badges are awarded based on players’ reactions on and off the court while skill badges are attained for a player’s individual game play and approach to the game. There are some badges that do not directly affect the process of player’s gaming, but it does in some way affect the emotional state of the player.

Visual Concepts developed NBA 2K17 basketball video game which comes in as the 18th installment in NBA 2K franchise. With the upgraded badge guide, one can start off with some predetermined badges like Deep Range Deadeye, Limitless Range, Catch & Shoot and Mid-Range Deadeye among others.

Personality badges consist of one level which entails hot & cold streaks, contexture animations, and facial expressions. Skill badges are spread across three tiers namely Bronze, Silver and Gold. One has to attain the Bronze tier to purchase Silver and Gold levels upgrades with VC.

Here is a list of few of the badges that can be seen in NBA 2K17:

Personality Badges

Enforcer: He can spoil opponent’s game by his tough and physical play. It can be only acquired by earning 10 non-flagrant, hard fouls in a single season.

Alpha Dog: One can acquire this by being the highest rated player on the team and play 60% of team’s minutes per game.

Spark Plug: Energizer bunny of the team- this badge can be attained in a 6 game running window.

Clutch Performer: Highlight performer in crucial games and big moments.

Skill Badges

Relentless Finisher: Endures physical punishment on contact shots near the rim without depleting his energy.

While the above two among host of others are inside scorers, below are some outside scorers:

Difficult Shots: Making impossible shots happen off the dribble.

Tireless Scorer: Good bank of energy and same effectiveness during gameplay.

Corner Specialist: Holds the power to bring down threes from the corner.

Acrobat : This badge can be earned by doing 15 Reverse layups and 4 change-shot layups in a single season. He can change his shot in air and try to execute difficult shots with minor consequences.

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