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POE 3.3 Templar Builds For Ascendancy Classes Guardian

Guardians are a sensible solution for tank/support Templars devoted to partying, possessing passives with an emphasis on enhancing and protecting a celebration. Guardians can specialize in Auras, granting as much as 4 extra a single of a sort and efficient defensive auras to their celebration. Also, they’ve passives that guard and boost allies like some other techniques. Even as a solo character, Guardians themselves can benefit from its decision of defensive passives, or use their auras and buffs to command an army of minions. Within this Post, We will share four Poe 3.3 Templar Builds for Guardians; All Builds are tested by our gamer in case you have some trouble you may make contact with us.


[PoE 3.3 Guardian Build] LL RF Scorching Ray Guardian – 15k ES – 60k Armour – 1.five mil DPS – FACETANK Heavy inside the Game

This Build Is For you When you Got Sick Of Squishy Tiny Ripshit Mathil Builds. Facetank All Content material And Do not Rip With 1.5 Mil Deeps.
-> Ridiculously Tanky
-> 3.3 Viable ES Develop
-> 100% Immune to One Shot
-> Immune to Disconnect Rips
-> Tank the Heaviest Slam Attacks in the game ON Harm MODS – other builds can’t do
-> Ezy brainless Uber Lab Farmer
-> Ezy & Fast Shaper Farmer
-> Ezy and Safe level one hundred mapping construct – do not rip
-> Tackles any content material inside the game
-> Relaxed RF Playstyle
-> Great for Facetanking all Bosses
-> Can go AFK in a map to consume without losing XP

– I have not enough regen what to do?
A: Check for those who have a belt with 20% increased energy shield recovery. You may get very cheap and good heavy straps with a strength roll they compare with a Stygian Wise and top jewel included for the very low budget. After that check, for those who got Oak Bandit and 2%, Regen enchant on boots.

– Why you stack strength?
A: Because you get a shit ton of ES with best in slot gloves: Shaper’s Touch.

– I have not enough reservation for auras what did I do wrong?
A: Check if you have the mana reservation nodes I have. You need +1 shaper gloves corruption, or level four enlighten.

– I have not enough mana left after Aura reservation what to do?
A: Lower your clarity level until you’ve got enough mana.

– Does this make work in three.2/league?
A: Yes, it even got a buff for 3.2

– Is this making a budget?
A: No, sorry. In the event you want to have the stats, I have it’s going to be expensive.

– Does this build work without a Watchers Eye?
A: Yes, Load my develop into PoB remove the Watchers Eye and play around with the stats to see if it fits your liking.

– How to trigger Elemental Equilibrium?
A: You have got multiple ways to do so: Elemental Focus Support/cold dmg on ring/jewel/weapon or a four-socket shield charge setup with an added lightning jewel.

– How do you trigger Elemental Overload?
A: With orb of storms combined with crit chance gem at bosses.

– There is a boss I have struggled with my degen what to do?
A: If you want to feel ultra safe pack a bottle with “removes burning on use” this removes the degen from Righteous Fire and let Arakaalis 50% increased regen kicks in. Regen around 10k/ second is possible.

Make Creator: Zzang

Video Links:
Full Uber Atziri run – Tank them flame blasts!

Full Shaper run – Facetank Laser and Slam NO Issue

Core Malachai Slam Tanked on Vulnerability @ Double DMG Map Mods

Phoenix Facetank deathless on dmg mods

Minotaur Facetank deathless on dmg mods


Hydra Facetank deathless on dmg mods

Eradicator Video on Demand:

Skill tree:

PoB Link:

Example Link:

[PoE 3.3  Guardian Build] 10 Auras – Victario’s Influence – Toasters HC Guardian Help

The Guardian got buffed a tiny bit and is still 100% viable in three.2.
In opposite to three.1, you could take Bastion of Hope over Harmony of Purpose or Prayer of Glory.
You would lose some excellent mechanics, but the stun immunity and a right amount of block for the whole celebration are nice additions.
Besides, there’s no change worth to mention.

Guardian Support with 10 Auras
Extremely high offensive and defensive boost
7-10k ES affordable
Very budget friendly (you could start with a budget of 10c)
Around 1.3k life unreserved (with 75% chaos res) -> Equal to 9k life with -60% chaos res (Due to your high life regen, gained by Guardian Ascendancy + stone golem, you don’t have to worry about chaos damage at all, except difficult encounters. Coruscating Elixir is the Guardian Version not needed)
Shavronne?ˉs Wrappings is not required and not wanted

Develop Creator: Toaster404

Skill Tree:

PoB Link:

Example Link:

[PoE 3.3 Guardian Build] Cheap Endgame Tanky Aura help League starter For Beginners

Forget the power of loot-filter and, for so much has been forgotten, never to be relearned.
Forget the promise of Atlas-progress and Challange League Rewards, for inside the grim dark month’s ahead there is only the grind.
There is no peace amongst the price-fixer, only an eternity of 820-spamming and carnage and the laughter of Chris Wilson.

+ an excellent League starter if you play with your friends
+ can start with minimal Investment and help all Endgame
+ purges the Atlas from Xenos for the Glory of the Emperor
+ doesn’t give a damn about physical Damage
+ tanky

– Playstyle is not for everyone (but you already knew that)
– vulnerable to Elemental Damage at the start of mapping
– not fun to level solo as this construct
– lefthanded

Make Creator: Karunga

Skill tree:

PoB Link:

Example Link:

[PoE 3.3 Guardian Build] Pants On Fire! LLRF Scorching Ray Guardian – FULL VIDEO GUIDE UP

That is a self-cast, reflect-immune, tanky build that also deals good harm. That is not a 7M DPS speedy glass cannon create. If that’s what you want, exit this thread right now
This development is meant to be able to do all content material while also leveling and not abusing broken mechanics.
Yes, this build is in standard, and yes it includes GG gear. Low life builds are not budget builds. I love life to Make, but I feel that LLRF Guardian will always be superior to RF life construct when talking about a harmonious blend of damage and survivability of RF.

Very nice buff to the construct. 10% added the block on attack and 10% additional spell block on the cast. Spell block was one particular of the only things we didn’t have that much of, so it’s very nice to have a bit of further free spell block 🙂 No other changes.

-> Extremely Tanky?
three.2 Viable Pure ES Develop
-> Reflect Immune
-> Great Uber Lab Farmer
-> Satisfying Shaper Farmer
-> Relaxed RF Playstyle
-> Great for doing all bosses
-> Don’t wake up in the morning and wonder where all your exp went from the night before when you were drinking/sleepy

Creator: Ahfack

Still tree:

Example Link:

Typically, they’re not worth the problems for factors that are enough in the long run. Though they are beneficial for players who may well know absolutely nothing regarding the game. For probably the most aspect, they’re studying tools for newcomers to ease them into the game. For extra PoE 3.3 Builds, you may check out Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code totally free from the reps should you Buy Poe Currency order from this short article.

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