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Related NBA 2K17 Rumor: The Game Balance Lead to Postpone

NBA 2K17’s general release to the public worldwide is set for September 20, Yet, Rumors had it that NBA 2K17 release date would postpone owing to Durant participated in the Golden State Warriors. What this means is that 2K Sports has do some work to keep the balance in the upcoming NBA 2K17 game.



According to U4NBA.COM, the game will perhaps delayed in consideration that the imbalance issue. the reports said that the Golden State Warriors with Durant will be the best team with no doubt in the next season as well as in the NBA 2K17. this situation makes some fans worry about the game balance that it may likely make the game frustrating.

The 2K Sports has not confirmed the NBA 2K17 delay so far. it is just a rumor and the game will still release on September 20, 2016 as planned. the players who have pre-order it can get in the game four days earlier.

The game’s official site 2K.COM is now accepting pre-orders for previous and current generation consoles, with Early Tip-Off, Kobe Bryant Legend, and Legend-Gold editions, as well as the PC version.

Owing to Latest released NBA 2K17 feature, there are a lot of great progress for upcoming NBA 2K17 game, finally, suppose that the NBA 2K17 postpone rumor will not dispersed, some official statements will leak out by the 2K Sport, U4NBA will provided for you the latest news about the NBA 2K17 delay.

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