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NBA 2K17 Suns: Michael B. Jordan Unveiled in Trailer

On Wednesday, an extended trailer was released by 2K Games, meanwhile, 2K Game emphasis on MyCareer mode in the upcoming NBA 2K17, it will be officially released and made available for everyone on Sept.16. To illustrate the newest features added to the popular single-player story mode, 2K Games used the Phoenix Suns as its model…

Michael B. Jordan Joins NBA 2K17’s MyCareer Mode

Speaking of NBA 2K17 MyCareer mode and NBA 2K16′ “Livin” Da Dream”Both are totally different if make a comparison, Nonetheless, We already know for a fact that 2K Sports is continuing to bring in Hollywood star power. With NBA 2K17 release date is approaching, The MyCareer storyline put much more emphasis on friendship, additionally, the…