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NBA 2K17 New Playable Character Is Ex-Footballer Thierry Henry

In just released NBA 2K17 basketball game, a playable character appeared in NBA 2K17, Retired footballer Thierry Henry will beĀ indeed an unexpected appearance. At the meanwhile, he will also appear court side at home games of the San Antonio Spurs, the Texan team he supports. The end up with long awaiting, ultimately, NBA 2K17 finally…

Latest NBA 2K17 News: How To Deal With Meter Issue

This year, among the latest game, NBA 2K17 is a much-anticipated simulation basketball game, as a the titular basketball simulation video game, it reach a whole new level and make many fans have a feeling of excited. Furthermore, there have a number of never before seen features appeared in NBA 2K17, However, despite of its…