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The Main Problems with Zone in NBA 2K17

First I am a hall of fame level player and find the zone defenses to be a very good change of pace. However, the great part of this years game is that you need to understand how to manually rotate players in order to effectively utilize the zone. Even then the zone defenses cannot be run for long periods of time due to transition nerfs and the AI making bad defensive decisions(depends on the players Defensive IQ ratings so they are not always bad). So to answer your question I do not think any differently of players who utilize zone defenses correctly and are successful using them. I also do not mind those who only run zone and get shredded on defense. Its all a learning experience and I understand why they want to run zone.


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In the words of the great Bomani Jones: ZONE iS for COWARDS
j/k. Zone is extremely broken in this game, unless you can keep track of the whole court and correct all defensive mistakes the AI makes (which I’ve seen some people do phenomenally), you’re just going to get beat using the zone.
the main problems with zone in this game are:
1.Your players aren’t smart enough to put focus on shooters at the 3 point line.
2.For some crazy reason, quite a few times, the guards go all the way to the half court line to pick up their man.
3.It is too easy for a guy who knows the 2k shortcomings to make your zone load up on one side.
4.The corners are the weakest part of the zone irl, even more so in 2k. I’ve regularly seen my sf/pf (corner defenders) battling for post position on the low block, while <pick your flavor of 3 point shooter> is sitting at the corner.

Zone in real life, if your players were comprised of the kind of players that people have their myteam with (strong D and very fast) should be unstoppable.
All the preceeding was talking about the 2-3 zone.
A little known fact is that the 3-2 zone is actually a lot more effective in 2k.

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