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Who Created All 16 Worlds Teams In NBA 2K17

In the past week, two items have dominated the league of legends headlines. First of all, According to the NBA and LoL Esports announced, there are several partnerships over the last few days. Hence, one fan decided to take things to the next level by combining Worlds with the NBA using the custom editing software in NBA 2K17.


EDG court design from NBA 2k17, courtesy of mortal122

Make sure to check out all the uniforms, courts, as well as in-game shots to see how they look in action. One of my favorite parts of this creation was the fact that RNG was associated with the LA Clippers in the in-game shots. Both teams with a lot of talent that struggle to put it together.

Best Uniforms: Cloud9

I was blown away by the level of detail and customization mortal122 was able to achieve with these uniforms. All the jerseys look great, but C9’s wraparound logo takes the cake:

Cloud9 has one of the best logos in Esports, if not all of sports, and mortal122 takes great care to let it shine in this uniform. It’s beautiful how it dominates the front while wrapping around to the back. Sometimes simplicity is the way to go.

Court designs

Not stopping at uniforms, mortal122 gave court designs a go as well. The one that stood out the most was the H2K design, which features a simple color scheme that just popped. The black border and the very light court paint work great together.

H2K Court Design from NBA 2K17, courtesy of mortal122

There are other good court designs as well, and while humongous team logos don’t always look the best, EDG’s cracks could have traveled further in order to make it even stronger.

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